Dan Goldner

This is a shout out.

Dan Goldner came on my screen last summer during Riley’s soft skills conference. My impression was that he was a bright-eyed bushy-tailed newbie (just off the student teaching year) with a surprising amount of classroom insight considering this.

At the end of the summer I met him IRL in a miscellaneously awesome context and have been following his blog Work in Pencil since then. In the fall of his first full-time year in the classroom, he didn’t produce a lot of content. (No surprise.) 2 posts in the early fall, 2 right before Christmas, then nothing for months. (I guess I’m not one to talk.)

But now he’s back, and I feel that my initial impression last summer, while quite positive, was actually an underestimate. I didn’t anticipate all this maturity. I want to let you read for yourself, so I’m going to minimize the endorsement verbiage. I will say this: disconcerting forthrightness and vulnerability combined with some real writing craft. Keep your eye on this one.

These two are my favorites. Go read now.


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