There Is No Reason for You To Read This Post (I Mean It)

The purpose of this blog has evolved since I started it. I’m just declaring that here for the sake of my own integrity. This is really no use to you.

Originally, the plan was to engage with research on math education from a practitioner point of view. The goal was so I could try to stay vaguely current on the literature by processing it out loud on this blog so when I read something it will be easier to remember.

The goal has broadened:

* First of all, what I engage with has ballooned to include anything I read about math or education, not just the fairly narrow category “math education research,” although I plan on continuing to read math education research and post about it among other things.

* I’ve found myself using this as a platform to articulate thoughts and values about math education that I want to go on record with because I believe they’re important.

* I’ve been using this as a place to hash out and process thoughts about teaching and learning that are inspired not only by reading but by conversations, classes I teach or observe, etc.

* I’ve occasionally indulged the impulse to enthuse about math itself.

* I haven’t done much of this so far, but in the coming months I foresee the need to use this blog from time to time as a place to actively reflect on my own practice.

* Combinations of any and all of the above.

My original intent was for 1 post a week. This has been hard to maintain. I hereby retract this as a declared intention, but retain it as an approximate goal.

While I’m chewing on what this blog has become, it seems appropriate to once again shout out Kate Nowak (my fairy blogmother), and Jesse Johnson (my fairy blog-big-sis).

Okay! Integrity restored! I’ll be back on topic soon…


One thought on “There Is No Reason for You To Read This Post (I Mean It)

  1. You are full of awesome. I’m on a crusade to discourage people from feeling guilty for not blogging enough. Cause then they write because they think they have to write, and not because they have something really worth writing about, and clog my reader and hurt my eyeballs. (Not that you do that – I just don’t think there’s a compelling reason to worry about frequency.) Keep up the good work.

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